TB6560 3 Axis
TB6560 3 Axis
24v Power Supply
NEMA 23 30Kg
NEMA 23 28Kg
NEMA 23 21Kg
DC to DC Converter
eStop Button
JK02-M 5-axis
DIV168N-3.5A Drive
DIV268N-5A Drive



SB6560 3 Axis Driver Board

This Board is a combination Breakout and 3 Axis driver board using Toshiba TB6560 Driver chips. It is designed for Stepper motors between 1.5 and 3 Amp  with a peak capacity of 3.5 Amp. There is an inbuilt Relay to run a spindle of up to 36v DC 3 Amp. It also has 4 input circuits which can be used as limit and e-stop inputs. It also has inputs for a jog pendant and 3 axis LCD display panel3 Axis, 12v-36v 3 amp driver board.






Physical Dimensions and Mounting Points


Connection Diagram




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